Here is the scent
that reach your heart

“You You Ang” is an incense brand that carefully undertakes by hand all processes in Japan
from planning to producing and packaging.

The brand name “You You” is derived from the Japanese words “youyou-jiteki” which means to act naturally
without any restraints and to live with a relaxed feeling.
We would like to bring the feeling of “youyou-jiteki” in your life.
 We propose “incense as a part of life.”

All of You You Ang’s incenses are made in Japan with the concepts of “wabi” (beauty coming from simplicity),
sabi” (beauty or serenity coming with age), and “iki” (cool and chic), which are unique to Japanese culture.

We prefer to use Japanese paper, flowers and trees. We also value the texture and depth of the taste that come
from these efforts.

We continue to create a scent that conveys ancient Japanese aesthetics today.


Reasons for starting youyouang(You Tube)


  1. It should strongly express that it is from Japan, not from the Asian region in general.
  2. It should have straightforward expression and a neat design.
  3. It should be simple and of high quality, rather than a gorgeous-looking incense stick. It can also be used for Buddhist ceremonies and worship, but not necessarily with religious beliefs.
  4. Its design should be “iki” (cool and chic) and dignified while possessing the meaning and etiquette of the product.The design should be cool and chic while the product is suitable as a gift for those who value tradition and dignity.
  5. In every country, it should have a personality that can be recognized as “You You Ang.”



You You Ang is a company that can procure high-quality materials and produce incense using traditional blending and the latest production methods. Even those who are not familiar with incense can naturally enjoy the fragrant scent.


We do not think that buying You You Ang’s products is just “shopping.” Beyond merely buying a product, we expect to awaken customers’ emotions. You You Ang is an experience-based brand that allows customers to enjoy a high-quality lifestyle through incense.


Incense uses tabu (machilus thunbergii) bark in the production process. As a company which will also be involved in incense production in the future, You You Ang continues to donate a portion of its sales to the United Nations agency, the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) whose head office is in Japan.


As a “new type of incense,” our products have earned a reputation in Japan for being different from ordinary incense sales.

We have various clients including not only department stores and shops but also luxury Japanese-style inns, museums, approaches to shrines, and souvenir shops for foreigners.

Another feature of our sales is that our products are regularly purchased directly from end users.


In order for a company to be viable, it is essential to be loved by its customers.

We think that it is very important to emphasize the personality of the company.

Personality means to “set out a clear attitude and show humanity.

We must not be vague in order to be loved by all people.

With the foundation of “originality” that emerges from the wellspring of creativity, there is a “scent of new culture” in the corporate stance of trying to surpass existing values.

That is the scent created by You You Ang.


You You Ang’s products

Incense as a part of life

For those who want to spend time relaxing and looking at themselves.

We design not only incense and incense sticks, but also incense holders, incense plates, and sachets.

Online Store

We have a store for Japan and a global store for overseas shipping support.